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always scanning for new ID's

Since establishment in 1976, OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd has become a top-level company in their chosen field through the development of technologies, manufacturing processes and sales channels within the global Automatic Identification market. The company is committed to growing market share further with a continuous program of innovation in all aspects of the business.

It is just a matter of perspective.

New ideas are the result of taking a different perspective on everyday activity… finding a different and novel way of meeting common and ordinary customer needs. Sometimes that means also finding a unique solution to unique customer problems.

As a global supplier of automation identification equipment, Opticon is continuously focused on innovation. New product designs are introduced that not only address today’s customer needs but also leverage technology to solve projected needs and operational efficiencies. That’s why we say that Opticon is “always scanning for new ID’s”…because each one identified today is a window to future opportunity.

Opticon’s recipe for success includes technological and human dimensions. Whether considering the healthcare, retail, logistic market sectors…or, taking a different perspective, the OEM and distributor/reseller channels….Opticon looks carefully at the people who are going to work with our equipment….the human factor. This perspective, along with a deep understanding of the complexities of the particular application or process, yields products matching the diverse needs of our customers.

As a result, the Opticon product is innovative, forward looking and user friendly.
Perspective is everything at Opticon.