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always scanning for new ID's
Healthcare market growing in the Netherlands

Opticon invites you to visit our stand during

E-Zorg 2006
Tuesday 7 November
in Triavium Nijmegen, Netherlands

As leading manufacturer of identification equipment we are glad to show you our solutions.

In health care, Opticon focuses on integrating information and making it accessible. This way patients, care suppliers and insurers can be linked with each other. This leads to a durable improvement of patient care in an economical way.

Our barcode scanners have already proved to be simple and durable instruments. A perfect appliance for registering time and location. Our scanners provide easy reporting of the care process;
- hours worked,
- performed activities with client,
- hour justification by employee,
- etc..

To acquire admission to this seminar you can contact Opticon: sales@opticon.com

You can also look at www.ckc-seminars.nl/ezorg/

We are pleased to welcome you to the Opticon stand on Tuesday 7 November in the exposition room in Triavium, Nijmegen.

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