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Opticon in top 3 as KPN Mobile Solution Partner
Earlier this year KPN and Opticon Sensors Europe B.V. officially contracted a partnership with each other. The objective is to put Opticon equipment in combination with mobile data services of the KPN network successfully in the Dutch market. As a KPN Mobile Solution Partner Opticon offers added value to the KPN-service, as a result a total solution can be offered to the customers (for example by offering the Opticon PHL 5300 Pocket PC (with integrated bar code laser scanner, GSM/GPRS-/Bluetooth-interface and GPS-kit as one package.) For KPN the main point is that their core-business (traffic through UMTS/GPRS/WiFi-network) are realized and that the desired solution for the customer can be filled in together with Opticon.

Until now the cooperation between KPN and Opticon has gone very successfully. Opticon gained the previous period a third position (a bronze feather) in the list of most successful KPN Mobile Solution Partners.

Opticon Mobile Solution product:
PHL 5300, Pocket PC with GSM/GPRS
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  Opticon in top 3 as KPN Mobile Solution Partner
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