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Opticon launches Designer Bar Code Engines
Opticon has announced the launch of 2 new laser based bar code scan engines designed to give both existing users a migration path and the option of an even more compact solution for clean sheet designs.

The MDL-1000 is an extremely compact (28x18x8mm) package.
The MDL-2000 uses a standard form factor and has dimensions of 20.4x18.0x11.2mm.

Opticon will also launch a compact 2D Engine. To read more:MDI 1000

The device comprises a 100 scans per second laser engine, together with decoder and RS232/USB interface. It is capable of reading bar codes (subject to dimensions) from 50mm to 600mm.

For more information:
To obtain more information on these modules contact one of our locations: sales offices

Further information is also available on IT-Reseller.
Read the full article: www.itrportal.com
Or get the PDF format: extracted article
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