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OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, continued to grow as a technically innovative company since its establishment in 1976. We are committed to grow further, being a value in a society, as a top class company in the auto-ID industry.

Pioneer in barcode industry:
OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, developed and sold pen type barcode readers in the beginning of barcode technology. The products were sold worldwide and Opticon Inc. was established in the United States in 1984, and Opticon Sensors Europe B.V. in the Netherlands in 1987.

Advanced technologies in times:
The barcode reading technologies were moving to self-scanning from hand-scanning around the time, when we had US and European companies. Laser scanning were getting popular in the United States and CCD image sensor in Europe. We pioneered diode based laser scanner and put CCD scanners in the market.

Enhancing sales activities:
OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, grew in sales by joining TESCO Inc., in 1993, and the sales of laser scanning engine jumped when the product was incorporated in a hand-held terminal of one of major companies.

Ever growing technical advances for new era of auto-ID:
A data collector, new concept of barcode data capturing, was selected by post offices in Europe in 2001. A two-dimensional scanner was developed in 2002. A R&D team was consolidated to the new office in 2003. OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, put Bluetooth wireless technology, Linux based hand-held terminal, and Windows based barcoding PDA in the market.