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Time line technologies
  Progress in technologies in barcode scanning engines
OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, grew together with the technologies. It is illustrated with the progress of barcode scanning engines.

Pen type:
Pen type scanners dominated in 1970fs. OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, made pen type scanner and pen type scanning module in those days.

CCD image type:
CCD type scanner was getting popular in 1980’s. OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, made CCD type scanner and CCD based scanning module. Linear CCD scanner is still popular.

Laser scanning type:
OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, continuously made an effort for high performance and miniaturizing laser scanning module since the company introduced first diode based laser scanner in 1980’s. The effort made it possible to place barcode laser scanning module in data collectors, PDA’s and small devices.

Two-dimensional image type:
OPTOELECTRONICS Co., Ltd, developed 2-D scanner in 2002. In 2004, the miniature-sized 2-D scanning engine was realized.